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Signs That You May Have Pancreatitis

Your pancreas plays an important role in your digestion, providing both the hormones and enzymes necessary to break down food and regulate blood sugar. As you might imagine, when your pancreas isn't functioning properly, there can be serious complications.

One possible cause of this faltering functionality is pancreatitis, a condition that is characterized by an inflammation of the pancreas. Whether acute or chronic, pancreatitis is both painful and damaging. While most cases of pancreatitis are caused by excessive alcohol consumption or gallstones, causes may also include hereditary disease, infection, medications, genetic abnormalities, surgery complications or trauma to the abdominal region.

Read on to learn more about pancreatitis, and if you are at all concerned that you may have developed the condition, contact your gastroenterologist, Kamran Ayub in New Lenox, Oak Lawn, and Joliet, IL, for a medical evaluation.

Pancreatitis Symptoms

The most common symptom of pancreatitis is abdominal pain which is especially prominent in the area of the pancreas, the middle and upper left portion of your abdomen. The pain may be worse after eating or lying on your back. The pain may come on suddenly and strongly, or increase gradually and last for a sequence of days. Other problematic signs include:

  • Flu-like symptoms, including nausea, fever, chills, and dehydration.

  • Weight loss, possibly combined with nutritional deficiencies

  • Jaundice, which imparts a yellowish tone to your skin

  • Rapid heartbeat

  • A swollen or tender to the touch abdomen

  • Lethargy or faintness

What will my gastroenterologist do to treat my pancreatitis?

A blood test and physical examination will likely be performed, and if your symptoms are determined to be caused by pancreatitis, your gastroenterologist may recommend in-hospital treatment, antibiotics, pain relievers, enzyme supplements, insulin treatment, or possibly surgery if you have gallstones.

You can help alleviate symptoms by abstaining from alcoholic beverages, eating a low-fat diet, and staying well hydrated.

Concerned? Give one our offices in New Lenox, Oak Lawn, and Joliet, IL, a call

If you are suffering from pancreatitis, help is just a call away. Schedule a visit with your New Lenox gastroenterologist by dialing (708) 475-5233. Other offices are available in both Oak Lawn and Joliet, IL.

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