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When To See A Gastroenterologist

You may not be sure when to see a gastroenterologist. Dr. Kamran Ayub serves residents of New Lenox, Oak Lawn, Joliet, Frankfort, and Orland Park, IL from his offices in Joliet, Oak Lawn, and New Lenox.

A gastroenterologist is a medical doctor whose specialty is the upper and lower GI tract. The diagnostic tests that are used most commonly in these areas are an endoscopy for the upper and a colonoscopy for the colon. If you are suffering from some of these symptoms, it is probably time to see a gastroenterologist in New Lenox, Oak Lawn, and Joliet, IL, and serving Orland Park and Frankfort, IL.

When It Is Time for Your Colonoscopy

If you are 45 or older, the American Cancer Society recommends that you start on a regular schedule of colonoscopy. If your risk level is average, after your first colonoscopy, it is recommended that you get one every 10 years until you are 75. After 75, if you are expected to live another 10 years, you can have one until age 85, when it is no longer recommended. If you are at a higher risk, your gastroenterologist may recommend a more frequent colonoscopy.

Changes in Bowels

If you have frequent or uncontrolled diarrhea, constipation, excessive gas, or bloody stools, it is time to make an appointment with your gastroenterologist. These can be symptoms of serious conditions in the digestive system. If the blood is black, this is a serious cause for concern. Red blood can often be a symptom of hemorrhoids, a less serious condition.

Gut Bloating or Pain

Almost everyone has felt pain in their gut or just a bloated feeling. If it becomes a regular occurrence, it is important to make an appointment to see a gastroenterologist. It can be an indication of several conditions that can be or can develop into serious conditions.

Yellowing Skin and Eyes

These can be a sign of jaundice or hepatitis, both of which are conditions affecting the liver.

Frequent Heartburn

If you are suffering from frequent heartburn or acid reflux, it can accelerate into GERD. This can lead to other more serious conditions and needs to be treated before it gets to that point. Your gastroenterologist can do an endoscopy to check the condition of your esophagus. In many cases, your gastroenterologist will recommend dietary changes as well as lifestyle changes as the first things to try. Your condition will be monitored and if these options are not effective, treatments and medication are available.

If you are in need of a gastroenterologist in New Lenox, Oak Lawn, and Joliet, IL, and serving Orland Park and Frankfort, IL Dr. Ayub is accepting new patients. You can reach all of his offices for an appointment at (708) 475-5233.

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