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Endoscopic Ultrasound

Why Choose An Endoscopic Ultrasound?

Both ultrasounds and endoscopies are imaging tools used to capture images from inside the body to detect health problems early on when they are easier to treat. An endoscopic ultrasound allows our gastroenterologist to view the whole digestive tract and to check for symptoms and issues that might be going on with one or more of the organs within this system.

This diagnostic tool provides more precise and accurate imaging than a traditional ultrasound because the endoscope is able to get closer to the organs to capture higher-quality and more precise images for a diagnosis you can trust.

Our gastroenterologist Dr. Kamran Ayub may recommend an endoscopic ultrasound for a number of reasons. If you have chronic pancreatitis or are dealing with severe abdominal pain that may be due to pancreatitis then this imaging tool could be ideal e for diagnosing and evaluating the condition.

If you’ve also been diagnosed with cancer within the digestive tract an endoscopic ultrasound will provide us with the details we need to determine how far along the cancer is to help us proceed with the best and most effective treatment plan. Those experiencing issues with their liver or gallbladder may also undergo an endoscopic ultrasound.

When you undergo this procedure you will be under the effects of sedation to help you feel relaxed and comfortable. Once the sedation has taken effect, your gastroenterologist will insert the endoscope either orally or through the rectum. Once the endoscopy has been carefully guided into the intestines, we will be able to capture images of the organs and even take biopsies of tissue to test for inflammation or other problems.

This is an outpatient procedure that takes anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes to complete, depending on whether or not we need to take biopsies. Before undergoing an endoscopic ultrasound, our gastroenterology team will go through the details of your procedure so you feel comfortable and understand the entire process.

To learn more about gastrointestinal diagnostic testing within the Chicagoland area, you can turn to one of our three offices in Oak Lawn, and New Lenox, IL. Also serving patients throughout Frankfort, Orland Park and Burr Ridge, IL. Call us today at (708) 475-5233

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