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What the Source of Your Abdominal Pain Could Be

How your gastroenterologist in New Lenox, Oak Lawn, and Joliet, IL, can help you feel better

There are many different types of abdominal pain. Abdominal pain can come on suddenly, or it can be a chronic occurrence and you’ve just become used to it. You shouldn’t ignore abdominal pain, because it can be a sign of something serious. Your gastroenterologist can help.

Dr. Kamran Ayub at Southwest Gastroenterology has effective treatments for abdominal pain. He has several convenient office locations in New Lenox, Oak Lawn, and Joliet, IL, to help you feel better.

More about Abdominal Pain

You may be wondering what is causing your abdominal pain. The fact is, if abdominal pain happens suddenly, it can be a sign of:

  • A bladder or kidney infection

  • Kidney stones

  • Appendicitis, diverticulitis, or cystitis

  • Peritonitis or pancreatitis

  • A urinary tract infection or gastroenteritis

If your abdominal pain is chronic and recurrent, it can be a sign of:

  • Gastritis or celiac disease

  • A hiatal or inguinal hernia

  • Irritable bowel syndrome

  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease

  • A peptic ulcer or ulcerative colitis

  • Pelvic inflammatory disease

If your abdominal pain is progressive and gets worse over time, it can be a sign of:

  • Hepatitis or Crohn’s disease

  • Non-Hodgkins lymphoma

  • Pancreatic, kidney, stomach, liver, or gallbladder cancer

Sometimes abdominal pain will go away on its own, but there are definite indications you should see your gastroenterologist. For instance, make an appointment with your gastroenterologist immediately if you have:

  • A high fever and severe pain

  • Persistent nausea or vomiting

  • Sudden weight loss

  • Blood in your stool

  • Yellowing of your skin

  • Abdominal swelling and tenderness

Your gastroenterologist may recommend diagnostic procedures to find the source of your abdominal pain. Common recommended procedures include an endoscopy, colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, abdominal ultrasound, or a combination of procedures.

Concerned? Give Us a Call

Don’t ignore abdominal pain. You can find relief by calling Dr. Kamran Ayub of Southwest Gastroenterology at (708) 475-5233. He has offices in New Lenox, Oak Lawn, and Joliet, IL, to help you feel better, so call now!

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